Hawkes Chimney Specialists
Hawkes Chimney Specialists

Reliable, family owned, NACS chimney sweep and HETAS engineer based in Woking.

Expert Chimney Sweeping and Stove Installations in Woking, Guildford and surrounding areas


Professional, experienced and reliable family owned chimney sweep in Woking, Surrey and Hampshire:

Hawkes Chimney Specialists are a highly professional, father-son business with over 15 years combined experience, that you can depend on when it comes to chimney services in and around woking.

With 30 years experience in the fire service, we know only too well the importance of a well maintained fireplace to prevent deadly chimney fires. So whether it be for a chimney sweep, HETAS approved stove installation or pot/cowl/guard fitting and replacement, you can count on our knowledge and experience to provide a personal high-value service for you and your property, driven by our commitment to cooperating with our clients and meeting all their requirements.


At Hawkes Chimneys:


  • We use the latest Rodtech Power Sweeping equipment and an industrial chimney sweep vacuum. RodTech Power Sweeping
  • we work to a very high standard and guarantee our work
  • we survey the health of your fireplace and carry out cleaning or maintenance as required.
  • we work with local stove and fireplace shops to bring the best quality installations.
  • we give advice, based upon what you, the customer, wants and what the existing chimney and property will allow.
  • We are now registered with the National association of chimney sweeps and will be implementing their sweep certificates over the next few weeks.
  • We are also HETAS registered stove installers. 
Chimney Liner Installing a chimney liner

History of chimney sweeping


In the United Kingdom, the master sweeps took apprentices, who were boys from the workhouse or bought from their parents. Boys as young as four were trained to climb hot flues that could be as narrow as 9 inches square. Work was dangerous and they could get jammed in the flue, suffocate or burn to death. As the soot was a carcinogen, and the soot sacks the boys slept under were rarely washed, they were prone to Chimney Sweeps Cancer.

From 1775 onwards there was increasing concern for the welfare of the boys, and Acts of Parliament were passed to restrict, and in 1875 to stop this usage. Lord Shaftesbury, the philanthropist, led the later campaign to end children being used as 'chimney climbers'.

In the United States, children were hired from their owners and used in the same way, and were still climbing after 1875. Whilst in the German States master sweeps belonged to trade guilds and did not use climbing boys. In the rest of Europe climbing boys were used up to 1875.


Fortunately for my children we now use rods and brushes instead of making them climb inside chimneys.


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