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Hawkes Chimney Specialists

Our services: experienced NACS registered chimney sweep and HETAS stove installer around Woking & Guildford

  • Full colour CCTV surveys
  • Bird nest removal
  • Chimney lining
  • Rigid and flexible flue fitting
  • Sweeping and smoke testing
  • Surveys of current fireplace and quotes for work.
  • Solid fuel stove installations.
  • Supply and fitting of pots, cowls and bird guards.
Soot Build Up A Chimney with soot build up

Reasons to sweep a Chimney

How chimneys work

The chimneys use the pressure difference caused by a hot column of gas to create a draught and draw air over the hot coals or wood enabling continued combustion. Chimneys may be straight but normally contain changes of direction, all approximately 45 degrees. During normal operation a layer of creosote and soot builds up on the inside of the chimney restricting the flow. As the flow is restricted products of combustion, the deadliest being high amounts of carbon monoxide, can enter into the room.

The creosote can also catch fire, setting the chimney and the building alight. To remove these risks the chimney must be swept as per the following recommendations for your fire type:

  • Wood burning-quarterly when in use
  • coal- twice per year
  • Smokeless fuels- yearly
  • Oil fired- yearly
  • Gas- yearly if access to flue can be gained

 **We offer a chimney sweep reminder service to all our customers via email or post**


Carbon monoxide detectors should be fitted to all fires regardless of fuel and is a legal requirement on solid fuel installations. Please do not take the risk, carbon monoxide cannot be seen, smelt or heard. It is a silent killer.

For more information on Carbon Monoxide click here.


Bird nests

Bird nests can also cause problems by blocking the flow of air through the flue. Birds often use chimneys as a nice warm place to build a nest, however, this can block the chimney causing products of combustion to re-enter the room. Occasionally birds also get stuck halfway up chimneys and require assistance to be removed safely.

We can supply and fit specialist guards to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney, please contact Tim Hawkes for advice or further information using enquiries@hawkeschimneys.com or our contact form.


Bird & Rain Guard Example of a bird and rain guard



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